Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I took my time to upload this cover because I wanted the explanation to be accurate and formal in every way. But when I see it and hold it in my hands I just can't think of anything else but, "No manches esto esta excelente" while smiling at it(sorry I think in spanish)so all the planning and everything resumes to that ;).
The souvenir sheet issued on 2009 commemorates several things:
-Henry Dunant 1828-1910
-La Bataille de Solferino 24 juin 1859
-Georges Braque 1882-1963
-Les Conventions de Genève
-Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge

On the top part is a painting and an explanation "C'est à la suite de la bataille de Solferino qu'Henry Dunant créera la Croix-Rouge"(It was after the Battle of Solferino, that Henry Dunant created the Red Cross).
Thanks Eric! :D


And another cover with the theme Preserve The Polar Regions and Glaciers :D this one from South Africa i just love the theme, from the depth of it ( bringing awareness to global warming) to the colors and the wide variety of animals in the designs. And again "Please help me out!" I still need 7 million covers from the other countries that issued this... ok not that many haha :) but please help. Thanks Richard!!


Another Preserve Polar Regions cover to my collection from Switzerland :D. If you read this: Please help me out!!! I still have lots and lots of countries that I need the cover from.
Thanks Vural!!


Myanmar cover, it's all I can say because I don't understand the writing in the stamps. Another thing I can say is that I liked it a lot even if I didn't understood anything :D

Monday, August 30, 2010


Isn't this a nice cover?, this stamps are from a souvenir sheet wich is a huge blue drop and the stamps are inside, i asked for the sheet but no luck :(. 3 different stamps showing RasGas, the value of 1 riyal and it says on the bottom "RasGas - Celebrating Train 6 Inauguration & 10 years of LNG Sales". It's a company that sales liquified natural gas.Thanks Nilesh!!!


This nice cover from Canada with a souvenir sheet, a Joint issue Canada-Sweden, it has a Harbour Porpoise and a Sea Otter. And a single stamp from Vancouver 2010 winter olympics set of Celebrating GOLD.
Thanks Chris!


This scary cover with tarantulas from Romania, it's part of a sheet with even more tarantulas, but this one is a Grammostola rosea, issued 2010. I hope i can get the whole sheet sometime it is really nice. Thanks Silviu!!!


I am showing this cover on both sides, since I think the back is better than the front :). I like souvenir sheets on the covers, but I don't know what I like most, single stamps or souvenir sheets I think it's 40-60 , it depends on the caution people take on putting the stamps or the souvenir sheet, anyway thanks Wonsik!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I got this cover from Turkey really nice bird printed on the envelope, I am not a bird person so i can't tell wich type of bird this is, if you know just let me know :).
Comes from a city named Pasaport ;)The flower stamp is a Crocus Stevenii. The other 2 stamps are the same painting of a city named Zonguldak.
Thanks Ahmet!


I got this cover from Ecuador and pardon my ignorance but i had no idea the currency there was the USD, when i saw the stamp i was in disbelief, anyway making some wiki-investigations i got to it, since 2000 they use USD and they even issue their own centavo coins, 10 years... i guess i did not watch the news that day on 2000 or just havent received mail from there. Oh well i think we never cease to learn. Gracias Juan!


This cover from the U.S.A. has 2 commemorative stamps released this year and a definitive. The first commemorative is from the series Sunday Funnies and has Garfield on it, i just love Garfield. The second one is about the Negro Leagues Baseball, this one its a two stamp series that complement on the design, and for what i can see i got the left side of the stamps, features a baseball player reaching home safe ;)(cause you can actually see the ball still in the air just about to get to the glove of the catcher)...the baseball season in this part of my country has not begun, i like going to baseball games :)
Thanks Ira


Thanks Jahfer. This cover from India has two stamps about horses that are part of a souvenir sheet released on 2009, the Manipuri and Zanskari horse :).The other 3 stamps are a complete series also released on 2009 named Rare Fauna of the North-East. And has a picture of a Marbled Cat, Barbe´s Leaf Monkey and a Red Panda. I think the Red Panda is almost extinct, wich is a shame, not only the Red Panda i think but any animal...

Friday, August 20, 2010


This cover from Singapore has a series of 10 stamps with no value indicator, and i just learned (thanks wiki,) that the "1st Local" legend printed on the stamp means that it's valid for a letter within Singapore weighing no more than 20 grams ;). Great Architecture series by the way. Thanks Florence!


I got this great cover from my friend Haroldo in Guatemala, registered and with a watercolour drawing on the corner, it's the view of the street Coban, A.V.. I can't thank you enough Haroldo. The 3 stamps belong to a series of 4 stamps issued in 2009, "Juegos Tradicionales" America UPAEP (traditional games) Yoyo, Capirucho and Barrilete. Needles to say i have played them all, with different names in Mexico, but still :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I recently started with this new theme EUROPA but only the year 2009 when they issued the astronomy stamps, i hope i can get them all, so if you read this blog entry and you are in Europe and you would like to help me out, please do so! :D i will send a nice cover back. This one is from Latvija thanks to my friend Atis.


Cover from Malaysia showing currency of the country, issued in 2009, i have seen the complete sheet of this stamps and it´s beautiful, also, a painting of Latiff Mohidin called Pago-pago from 1965, this stamp was issued on 2008.


The first cover has two stamps of the 2010 issue of the Flags of our Nation series, from the states of New Hampshire and Nevada, and the postmark is very nice from a town in Iowa. Thanks :)

The second cover is from a friend in USA, notice the red postmark, nice right? :)... thanks Ingrid


A new cover from China, i just love stamps from China...It´s a complete series from 2009 showing Huang Long scenic area. Thanks Hai.

Noruega (Norway)

First one from norway :D, with Preserve Polar Regions and Glaciers issued in 2009. thanks a lot Reidar.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A great cover from Canada with an awesome sheet. Canadian Geographic´s Wildlife Photography of the Year.It shows the 5 winners and on the right the runners up. Thanks Chris :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My first cover from Pakistan, it has a lot going on. It´s a first day cover envelope only (Meet Pakistan Navy Riffle Association), with different stamps.

-50th anniversary of pak-china friendship issued 2001

-Pakistan 2003 national philatelic exhibition Karachi

-and one with a Pakistany man (i tried to find who he is or was but no luck), no year of issue only the value


All of this covers are part of an activity in a philatelic forum page i am participating in, the first is about Historia de España II(history of spain)issued in 2001. in cartoon like stamps, tells the tale of the traveling, discovering and conquering spain has done. the second one i just love the printed motorcycle :), and the third one has a miniature sheet with one stamp of XXV Aniversario de la Constitución Española (anniversary of the constitution), issued in 2003. and the other stamp is Congreso Internacional de Matemáticos Madrid 2006.


I received these excellent covers from Brasil, one with the fifa 2010 world cup issue and the other with Aves Exuberantes issued in 2009 this one shows 6 different birds and their name in latin and portugese. Aint them awesome? ;)