Sunday, October 31, 2010


I also love Japan, I would be completly happy if I could live there...for a while.
かとさん ありがとおございます


A great cover from greece, thanks Konstantinos.
(see the huge stamp from the mail man)


I just love cartoons, I have done so all my life :), and I have Minnie to prove it haha
Thanks a lot Herve!! :D


Another beautiful cover from my friend Haroldo, with again another excellet little piece of art in watercolour showing a street in Cobán :D...oh yeah the stamps haha
one from 2009 with the singer José Ernesto Monzon, and the other from 2010 with the volcano and lagoon Ipala - Chiquimula
Gracias Haroldo!!


Protection des Pôles et Glaciers from Algeria :D
Thanks a lot Ouari.
I still need a lot from this theme please help out :D


My first cover from Cameroun with 2 stamps commemorating the visit of Pope Benedict XVI on 2009.
Thank you very much Marc!!! :D

Hong Kong

I got a registered First Day Cover, about Honk Kong´s participation in Expo 2010 Shanghai China, great cover with an awesome souvenir sheet :)


It poured rain on my "Preservar las Regiones Polares y los Glaciares" cover from my friend Gonzalo, really :( , anyway, I still need the souvenir sheet ;)


Cover from my friend Freddy with a souvenir sheet issued on 2008 listing four "Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio" (United Nations Millennium Development Goals)
-End poverty and hunger
-Universal education
-Gender equality
-Child health


EUROPA 2009 Slovenia :D, and chinese Year of the Tiger.
Now this is the first cover I am posting with a stamped image of a mail man being chased by a dog, 12 november is the day of the post man/woman and they stamp all the letters with this and it says "12 DE NOVIEMBRE DIA DEL CARTERO COOPERA CON EL". So I get all my covers with this stamp, at least they are careful enough to put it someplace blank or on the back.


Registered cover from India with one of the stamps from the souvenir sheet International Year of Biodiversity 2010, thanks Anand!


Very interesting cover from Russia I got the other day, thanks for spending the time doing it I really appreciate it, :D I hope you get the one I sent soon.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


From my friend Wei Xu, an excellet cover with an excellent souvenir sheet issued on 2008 with different bird species from China.
(from left to right and top to bottom)
-Taiwan Blue Magpie
-Koslow's Bunting
-Yellow-bellied Tragopan
-Black-fronted Laughing Thrush
-Golden Pheasant
-White-tailed Ground Jay


Registered cover with a souvenir sheet on the theme fashion (is there such a theme?) anyway, issued on 2009 the 4 dresses are from a collection in the Museo Manuel Piña. Gracias Adolfo!!

Alemania - Germany

The 3 stamps are from 2010, and seeing the stamp on Mother Teresa I am thinking in starting a new theme on her, I am going to have to research the countries that at any time issued a stamp with Mother Teresa, wish me luck! :)


I got this First Day Cover from India, this exchange was part of an activity from, we had to put a block of the same stamp and postmark it in the center, I got a great cover I must say. Thanks Raju!!


De mi gran amigo Germán. Gracias!
This excellent cover of huge dimensions (14x30 cm), features a mini sheet with a series called "Juegos Infantiles Tradicionales 2003" ( traditional children´s games)
-El elástico
-La escondida
-La mancha
-Martín pescador
if you see the picture closely I think you have played some of this games, at least I did :)
From 2010 we have the series UPAEP. "Juegos populares: el Truco y las Bochas"and "Copa del mundo hockey femenino Rosario" (world cup female hockey)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Thanks to my friend Hai Huang for this architecture cover, complete series issued on 2008 celebrating The 140th Birth Anniversary of Sun Yat-sen, you can see from left to right:
-Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
-Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum
-Sun Yat-sen Villa
-Sun Yat-sen Universiry

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Last one for now,on the theme Erhaltung der Gletscher und Polarregionen ;) this from Austria, thanks Edna!!


Thanks to my friend Eric for this great cover. La protection des pôles :D


Another PPRG cover now from Brazil, Obrigado Ricardo!!. And I need less and less, but still a lot to go, please help complete the collection!


I got this cover from my friend Atis, thanks!!. Preserve The Polar Regions and Glaciers :D, what else can I say :D.


Registered cover from Giovanni, thanks a lot!. It has a lot going on and I love it, cars, cartoons, a sand feeling stamp and a definitive.


Cover with a souvenir sheet commemorating 100 years of the Canadian Navy (1910-2010).Thanks Ken.


With a complete series issued in 2001 commemorating the 150 years of the fire department in Chile, there is also a souvenir sheet, I didn't get that one :(. The other stamp is from 2009 celebrating 120 years of the Philatelic Society in Chile... nice :).
Gracias Gonzalo!


Cover from my friend Wei Xu, excellent as always. Souvenir sheet with the title "The 600th Anniv. of Zheng He's Voyages to Western Seas".


An excellent cover from Croatia featuring a complete series issued in march of 2010, about fruits, it fools the eye because you think it is perforated to make a circle form stamp, but they are not, the dots are printed ;. The other stamp from 2010, just below the fruit ones, is from a series of 4 stamps with the picture of some embroidery design. The last is from 2004 is a croatian town named Virovitica with the picture of The Pejačević Palace. Thanks Josip!!!

Chipre -Cyprus

Keeping with the first timers, a cover from Cyprus. 2 stamps, one with the South Africa World Cup theme ;), and the other a very nice stamp that I think is kinda what we do in México with the Tuberculosis stamps, to help the cause that in Cyprus is Refugees, nice :)
Thanks Nasia!!


Again a first and a very nice one. Thanks to my friend Hamadi, both stamps from 2010 one about dates and the other a gate named Bab Jedid built a long, long, long, time ago, that I hope to visit one day.


My first from Liechtenstein :D thanks to my friend Vural.


I got this cover from a fellow Mexican, and it's very interesting because he used stamps from 1977 and 1978 which cover the expenses to send an ordinary domestic letter of less than 20 grams. I think this is awesome because I didn't know one could do that! (use stamps so old). Thanks for the cover and the knowledge José.


First Day Cover commemorating the 70 years of Industry at the Dead Sea. Great cover :D
Gracias Alberto!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This two covers are from the same person (Thanks Javier!)and I really liked them, the first one uses stamps from 1972, 1992 and 2008, it would have been nice to have something from the 80's don't you think?
The second cover uses mostly definitive stamps from 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008 and there is a 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c and 10c, nice ;). The other two staps are Kwanzaa issued on 2009 and Horse Racing issued on 1973.
Both covers with nice red postmarking.


Hi everyone, I´m back :D
I got this covers a while back, they where all hand stamped on july 16 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, commemorating the First Day of Issue of the series Sunday Funnies, which you all already know I love :). Thanks Michael and thanks A.W. :D

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hi everyone!

care to trade a cover with the postmark dated 10-10-2010??

send me a message!!

uploading today!

take care


Friday, October 1, 2010