Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hi everyone :)

First, thanks to everyone that kept sending me covers and if I owe you anything please don't hesitate to write, my email is right there.
Now, due to a constant traveling for long periods of time I have not been able to continue with this blog, I am very sorry about this if you came to see your cover published or just to read the blog. I will publish everything that has come to me and later add comments about it, there is not going to be a any order in particular but just try to gather the same sender.
A little about what is going to happen, I am trying to save some money to go to Europe next year, I have never been there (only Moscow a few days)so Spain, France and maybe Italy, if i can save enough, will be my destination. Of course I would love to see more, but the euro is expensive. This translates in less covers and more saving but i think it is going to be worth the last penny.
Please, if you want to exchange a cover tell me, I still love them and I´ll never quit this hobby.
Take care and best wishes.