Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


From Latvia arrived this cover the other day and i have to mention that it took less than 2 weeks to arrive, wich is a first considering the distance and the postal service here in México, anyway i liked it very much the envelope and the stamps thank you very much Juris :) i hope we can continue to trade more.


This very nice covers are from Slovakia, on the top we can see 3 stamps:
the first one, journalist, politician and political scientist from Slovakia, Milan Hodža.
second and third, from a series called Sights of our Homeland
- Castle of Topoľčianky
- Castle Betliar

on the bottom there are 2 stamps from a series called Seven Saints
- St. Gorazd
- St. Clement
All stamps issued on 2010, needless to say i liked them a lot :)
Thank you very much Róbert, your covers are on the way :)


Hey everyone, i got this cover from Canada, a commemorative series called Roadside attractions, there are four stamps in the series, the one missing is a goose. It would have been an excellent cover but the excessive postmarking kinda ruins it. Thank you very much Gregg.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Recently I went on vacation to California, and i made a lot of gifts to myself :), 2 of them are the ones you are looking right now :D
-Simpsons complete set
-Sunday Funnies complete set
I don´t have words to describe :~), oh but I have anger because the postal workers or someone tried to steal the stamp! please look closely to Marge in the lower corner :(


Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers :D, how great this cover is??????? THANKS TATIANA!

EUROPA 2009 slowly but they keep on comming, thanks to all of you :), actually this time thanks to Tatiana!. In the stamps we can see Galileo Galilei and Nicolae Donici.
I also got the booklet ;)


Since I am not an expert in cover collecting, I was wondering, if you have a regular envelope with the stamp and the postmark commemorating the stamp, is that a FDC? or does it has to be the whole package? envelope, stamp and postmark?...In the meantime here is a cover from my friend Fabio :)(thanks!!), the stamp is the painting by Caravaggio "David with Goliath´s head" , it looks so real, issued on 2010.


Now it's complete :D the other part of the design is Rube Foster, quoting wikipedia "Andrew "Rube" Foster (September 17, 1879 - December 9, 1930) was an American baseball player, manager, and pioneer executive in the Negro Leagues. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981". Nice ;) Thanks again Ira!