Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Excellent cover from Japan with one of the most awesome post stamps I have seen. The stamps are old one from 1966 the others I can't really tell, but the post mark with what I believe is a samurai warrior holding a katana, very nice :D


First I have to say, thank you time for not stopping and days for passing, 12 de Noviembre dia del cartero is gone, no more horrible stamps on my covers, this is the last one.
From South Africa with 3 stamps, two of them have the mascot of the world cup, no normal shaped stamps but very nice ones, the other one has a coral fish.
Thanks Marten.


The stamp is part of a very pretty souvenir sheet, called Tapestry National Heritage (I think that is the proper translation) issued on 2010. I personally love souvenir sheets and when I see someone at the post office tear them apart I just look the other way cause I think then they are just wasting them, and when I have to tear one apart I sit there and think about it for half an hour hahaha thinking about the pros and cons, but thats just my philatelic state of mind. Gracias Emilio.


Cover from France with a stamp without printed value or year of issue, it says the world 20 g, the special cancellation is nice "Foire Internationale de Caen Les Indiens d'Amerique"
Thanks Jean-Pierre.


I got an excellent cover from Austria with the EUROPA 2009 stamp x2 ;). With special cancellation with the name of Maria Theresia von Österreich.
Thank you very much Edna.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Excellent cover from India, with different characters, and one with the Rath Yatra Puri, wich means the Car festival of Puri issued on 2010. I liked this cover a lot, thanks Nikin.


Sunday Funnies :D, thanks John. I wish all the USA covers came with hand postmark like this.


A very nice cover from my friend Hemal, came all the way from the Indian Ocean in the island of Mauritius, nice :), first one from there, with two stamps from 2005, one from 2000 (the fish)with no postmarking, and one atm.


First Day Cover commemorating the "Rugby Junior World Championship". I have seen rugby on tv, but i just don't understand it :(. Great cover thank you very much Viviana!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Another great cover with EUROPA 2009 this time from Slovakia. Thanks Milos!
I thinks this EUROPA collections is going to take me more time than I thought, but I always remember myself that in phylately nothing is urgent :)