Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I took my time to upload this cover because I wanted the explanation to be accurate and formal in every way. But when I see it and hold it in my hands I just can't think of anything else but, "No manches esto esta excelente" while smiling at it(sorry I think in spanish)so all the planning and everything resumes to that ;).
The souvenir sheet issued on 2009 commemorates several things:
-Henry Dunant 1828-1910
-La Bataille de Solferino 24 juin 1859
-Georges Braque 1882-1963
-Les Conventions de Genève
-Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge

On the top part is a painting and an explanation "C'est à la suite de la bataille de Solferino qu'Henry Dunant créera la Croix-Rouge"(It was after the Battle of Solferino, that Henry Dunant created the Red Cross).
Thanks Eric! :D


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